Emmanuel Gibson C.N.C.

Emmanuel Gibson C.N.C.

Emmanuel Gibson C.N.C.


Bench press: 225x 38. Squat:425 Run: 5 miles 35 min Core: junkie!


NASM Certified Nutrition Coach. 22 years knowledge of workout techniques. 8 years self coached bodybuilding. 2x Mr Tennessee Masters Physique Champion. Top 10 national physique competitor

About Coach

I have always had a passion for working out and trying to look good. <br /> But as I got older, I realized none of that matter until tue nutrition got in order. About 10 years ago, I started studying diets, nutrition, metabolism, foods, etc. <br /> This is when I realized I was overworking my body and needed to implement a nutrition plan to fit my body needs.<br /> When this was implemented, I then realized I could start competing. My first physique competition, I won’t first place and overall! That started my new fitness journey.<br /> I have always been athletic…I played football in high school and was an All-American. But as I go into college, I lost that passion as football turned into a job, so I quit and continued to workout.

Turning Point

I’ve always admired wrestlers growing up…I saw them as superheros. They were funny, charismatic, rich, and ripped! So of course, they inspired me to do dumb stuff like jumping off houses and beating my brother with chairs. My dad was the bad guy. He definitely said I wouldn’t ever look like them or have their ability. That stuck with me for a while and I was a chunky kid who just wanted to eat snacks. When my mom left him, it was the best thing ever. I surrounded myself with guys from the neighborhood who were athletes and that inspired me once again to start getting in shape and at the very least get in shape. My brother got me into the gym (along with football), the rest is history!

Motivation & Passion

Simple…I love to see others pursue their fitness journey and live long, healthy lives. To see people sick, on meds, or eat themselves into an early grave have always been in my community. <br /> We often always speak about generational wealth. What’s the point of having wealth if we are not here to enjoy it and spend it. <br /> My motto is, “let’s build generational health”

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