Meliton Cancino

Meliton Cancino

Meliton Cancino

Strength & conditioning & Powerlifting coach

Successful competition lifts. Wrapped squat 340kg/ 749.6 lbs. Bench 220kg/ 485 lbs. Deadlift 330kg/ 727.5 lbs.


ASFA certification

About Coach

Started bodybuilding at age 13. At age 14 I got introduced to powerlifting. Started competing in meets 3 months into powerlifting training. I was obsessed with getting bigger and stronger. I did a lot of research and learned all I could about nutrition and training. I Learned from the top-level athletes in powerlifting throughout my years in the sport. At age 18 I started to dabble in equipped lifting and did really well for the 8 years I competed in that division along with raw division. Competed in bodybuilding as well to take a break from powerlifting and doing something else I’m passionate about as well. Both bodybuilding and powerlifting have their place and can help benefit each other which I’ve implemented in my 10+ years of coaching. I achieved pro in powerlifting in 181, 198, 220, & 242 weight classes. Football was the only sport I played in high school from my sophomore year up to my senior year. My highlight at one point in time around 2010-2011, I was top 5 in 181 weight class for multiply divisions.

Turning Point

My turning point was knowing I can share all my knowledge with individuals who are just starting out, to intermediate lifters and assist elite level lifters. I enjoy helping others and teaching them so they can learn and apply it to their training and also help others as well. My biggest challenge even to this day is coming back from injury & life setbacks. That has been the toughest obstacle for me to conquer. From tearing patella tendon, glute, hamstrings, trap, rhomboid miner & having tendinitis pains in elbows and knees. The injuries heal and they still cause issues from time to time. That has always been tough mentally because of the fear of possibly re-tearing or re-injuring the muscles or tendon. Even possibly injuring something else unexpectedly. I don’t allow that to hinder my performance. Most of the time I fight through it within reason as long as it’s not going to cause another injury. Rehab and self-care (massage therapy) of the body is really important to keep your body healthy to help prevent further or future injuries.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others improve in their feats of strength, correct their form, help improve muscular development, pre-rehabilitation & rehabilitation.

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