Zackary Sanders

Zackary Sanders

Zackary Sanders

Strength and Conditioning Coach

804 lb Squat (365kg)

436 lb Bench Press (197.5kg)

804 lb Deadlift (365kg) at 216 lbs / 98kg Bodyweight


NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

2044 lb Total (raw w/ wraps) at 216 lbs Bodyweight

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

About Coach

Throughout my childhood, my parents always placed a lot of emphasis on being active and living an active lifestyle. In middle/high school I started wrestling, and with that came weight training and running. Being competitive, I always wanted to be the best, and I quickly realized I was more passionate about developing my strength/speed. I ended up transitioning to running cross country, indoor and outdoor track, while simultaneously lifting weights. During my senior year, I ran a 4:46 mile time, and that is where my high school sports career ended. Once in college, I met a professor who competed in powerlifting, and the rest is history. Since 2015, I have been actively competing in powerlifting and have taken my own total from 1,275 lbs to 2,044 lbs. From last place at my first competition to 4th in the world in 2021. I've used my degree to help countless others make progress on their journeys as well. 14 years later, strength and conditioning have completely changed my life for the better and been my avenue for finding out what I am truly capable of.

Turning Point

Throughout my life, I've had countless obstacles I've had to overcome. I was always the "small kid" in high school (wrestling at 103lbs), and with that came its own set of struggles. Through strength training, as I grew and developed, I was able to build up my own confidence in myself, and that was life-changing. The gym became a home away from home, and the longer I was a part of that environment, the more that community started to feel like family. This sense of belonging, confidence, and consistency in meeting goals I set for myself, bled into other areas of my life and allowed me to flourish.

Motivation & Passion

Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's entire outlook of themselves change. Realizing what they're capable of, seeing their physique progress, getting bigger/stronger/faster, I love it all. I started out my coaching career working in a commercial gym and there I had the pleasure of training a diverse population. Since 2018, I have been almost exclusively working with strength athletes (mostly people interested in powerlifting), or other fitness enthusiasts who want to focus on strength training. I want everyone I work with to really know the strongest version of themselves; from their body to their mind.

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